Dog Collar Museum: nel mondo british dei collari per cani

Nella Contea del Kent, nel sud est dell’Inghilterra, sono conservati collari per cani di ogni tipo e ne sono esposti più di 100, alcuni antichi 500 anni. Al Dog Collar Museum non mancano nemmeno gli esemplari dei modelli più alla moda.



A unique collection of historic and fascinating dog collars has been built up over the years
and is now the largest of its kind on public display anywhere in the world!


There are over 130 rare and valuable collars including 30 collars, which were discovered in storage and have never been on public display before are now on show.

The earliest in the collection, dates back to the late 15th century and is a Spanish iron herd mastiff’s collar, which would have been worn for protection against wolves and bears roaming Europe at the time.

Other collars range from sixteenth-century German iron collars with fearsome spikes and ornate gilt collars of the Baroque period, through to finely-chased nineteenth century silver collars and twentieth century examples fashioned from tyres, beads and plastic.

Source: https://www.leeds-castle.com